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American Legion Post 170 was originally approved for a charter on January 28, 1946 under the name of Ralph Gonza Wade, during the leadership of Department Commanders Joseph A. Conteel and Martin F. Iverson. The Department issued (15) members a charter for the formation of a Post in Pomonkey, Maryland.

On issuance of the Charter, the following Comrades agreed to organize and maintain a post under the above name, with a minimum membership designated by the Department Executive Committee.

Roy A. Farrar
Walter M. Woodland
James M. Harley
Calvert L. Banks
Frank Butler
William J. Young
James T. Harper
McKinley Greenfield
James F. Washington
John S. Hill
Harry Adams
Gilbert Hart
William Leo Briscoe
James Bond
Joseph R. Hawkins
It was learned some years later that Mr. Wade, who was a community leader and Post Master in Waldorf, Maryland, was never a member of the Armed Forces and therefore was ineligible to be a member of The American Legion.

Roy A. Farrar served as the first Post Commander who earned his eligibility through his service in the United States Army.  He served as Commander through the end of The American Legion administrative year, 1951.  The above members served in the military or naval forces of the United States between April 6, 1917 and November 11, 1918, or between December 7, 1941 and December 31, 1946.

 Mr. Randolph Furey, who served in the United States Navy, and for whom the Post is named, was elected Post Commander in 1951, and served until 1955.  Mr. Furey served twenty years in the Navy and retired as a Navy Chief.  He died December 15, 1960 and is buried in the Metropolitan United Methodist Church cemetery in Pomonkey, Maryland.  Each Memorial Day, the Post and Auxiliary perform a Wreath Laying Ceremony at his grave site and return to The Post to fellowship and have a delicious breakfast.

In 1961 the Post was re-chartered under the name of Randolph Furey Post No. 170.

      Randolph Furey

James S. Chesley became the next Post Commander.  The meetings were held at the home of Frank Leroy Datcher.  William J. Thomas became the next Post Commander and meetings moved to the Elk's Lodge, on a temporary basis.

In 1974, under the leadership of Joseph H. Morton, as Post Commander, The Post acquired the Post home, 4345 Livingston Road; Indian Head, Maryland; 20640.  Mr. Thomas Gray was the current owner of the property and the Post had to pay $50.00 per week, as a rental fee.  The property consisted of the present building and a 14 acre site.  The Post membership started to decline and in jeopardy of losing its charter and had to combine with Post 233, Indian Head, Maryland, in order to maintain its charter.  The meetings were changed to once a month.

 In 1976, the membership increased and the Post was able to purchase its present location with a first and second mortgage from a local bank.

The Post and Auxiliary currently sponsor several American Legion Programs under National Security/Foreign Relation and Homeland Security, Veteran's Rehabilitations, Americanism and Child Welfare.  The members of the Randolph Furey Post No. 170 and Auxiliary sponsor many activities during the course of a year.  The activities most beneficial and cherished are the "Boys State" sponsored by the Post and the "Girls State" sponsored by the Auxiliary.  The purpose of these programs are to provide citizenship training for boys and girls of high school age, in which they gain a valid concept of the operations, ideals, functions and goals of the State Government.  The Post and Auxiliary sponsors two boys and two girls each year.  The Post has been participating in these worthwhile programs since 1995.  These programs are by far not the only youth programs in which Randolph Furey Post No. 170 are involved, but the ones we are most proud.  Our major Post and Auxiliary programs are Scholarship and Children & Youth.  The Post contributes annually to Children Miracle Network and Epilepsy Association.  The Post sponsors patriotic community projects, recreational, educational, and charitable programs, to include Easter Egg Hunt and Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets.  The Post believes in serving the surrounding communities by offering the Post facility for weddings, Repast, birthday celebrations, youth activities, and fundraising activities for Pomonkey High School Alumni Association.

 The all time high membership is 261 members.  Since 1990, the Post has earned 4-star status, three times.

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